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Solei Marriott Inspires Weston Ranch

Savannah Gapasin and Daniela Mejia

May 10, 2019

Solei-Marie Marriott is a freshman at Weston Ranch High School. She's a good student. She plays softball. She is a typical high school kid. However, Solei isn't just any ordinary freshman student though. Solei was born with...

Seniors Honored at Last Rally

Omar Hernandez and Duane Lilly

May 10, 2019

Weston Ranch High School recently held their final rally on the 3rd of May and made sure to give their graduating seniors one significant send-off as their last year comes to an end. The graduating Cougars of the 2018-2019 school...

Seniors Getting Ready for Grad Nite

Basia Kafayat and Malaysia Manuel

May 3, 2019

Grad Nite is coming up on May 10th through May 11th. This year, the seniors at Weston Ranch are going to Disneyland. Before getting on the bus, every student attending must complete a signed contract, permission slip, and insurance...

Shadow Days Offer New Students Glimpse of High School Life

Sean Nelson-Phillips, Arshdeep Janday, and Juan Lemus

May 3, 2019

For the past few weeks, you may have seen younger students on campus in your class and wondered who they were. These students are current eight graders from surrounding middle schools who were invited to spend part of their day...

Students Recognized for Outstanding Acheivements


May 3, 2019

The past Wednesday at the monthly staff meeting, several Cougar students were recognized by their teachers and advisers for their outstanding accomplishments as students and leaders. JROTC shouted out to Billy Phan, Zachary...

JROTC Honors the Memory of Jaishyne Lopez

Savannah Gapasin, Features Reporter

April 26, 2019

Last Friday, JROTC organized and held a car wash for the family of Jaishyne Perez, a Weston Ranch student who recently lost his life after complications suffered during heart surgery. Lopez was a student, a cadet, and a beloved...

Kmiec Smashes Swim Records

Omar Hernandez, Sports Editor

April 26, 2019

For the past four years, Mr. Basepayne has been coaching the Weston Ranch High swimming team and has experienced and learned many things during this time. He has seen many talented young swimmers come and go, but out of all the...

Senior Sees Opportunity To Create Change

Basia Adefimihan and Malaysia Manuel

April 26, 2019

Oakland Moore, a senior at Weston Ranch High School, is trying to make a change. Moore is from Oklahoma, but grew up here in Stockton, moving to Stockton in 2004. He used to get in trouble a lot back in the past, but now he is...

Cougars Set For Final Spirit Week

Alia Jones, Cougar Life Reporter

April 26, 2019

Weston Ranch students and staff will get their final school sponsored spirit activity next week. The weather is prime, the sun is out, and it's the last opportunity for our students to participate in another fantastic event planned...

Cougars To Get Much Needed Student Store in Fall of 2019

Dianna Vongphachanh and Karina Vazquez

April 26, 2019

The day has dawned upon us, dear Cougars. Next fall, on August 9th, Weston Ranch High School will be introducing the Official Student Store to our campus! The idea of the Student Store was initially inspired by Mr. Harrison,...

Math Students Get Chance to Add to Their Skills

Nylah Price, Reporter

April 26, 2019

This Saturday, April 27th, the University of Pacific here in Stockton will be giving the students at Weston Ranch High School the opportunity to participate in their 9th annual Avinash Raina High School Math Competition. Each...

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