CLASS SPOTLIGHT: Technical Theater and Design

Technical theater is a class where students discover the technical aspects of theater. They learn how to do make-up, set up stages, design costumes, and create props. Many students who want to go into the film industry take this class because they’re many vital roles other than acting that can pay well.

The students in technical theater meet in the theater room, and the class goes on during 3rd period. Everyone learns as a group; they know people’s strengths as they go along and assign roles from there. These past weeks they’ve been preparing for a production called “Hysterical History of The Trojan War.” They’ve painted some walls and created some props for it.

The class is led by Mr. Harris, who stepped into a long-term sub role after Ms. Stogner left Weston Ranch High School to pursue other options. Mr. Harris has performed admirably in the position and helped produce an exciting haunted house. The technical theater students do lots of hands-on work, and Mr. Harris goes around the classroom helping anyone who needs help.

Mr. Harris said, “This class was designed to help expand the minds of people interested in having a career in theatrical design.”

So, while the performers take the stage and get applause, the students behind the scenes deserve just as much credit. Again, participation in the arts, in this case as technical designers, offers students an excellent opportunity to show their creativity. The show can’t go on without the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes.