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Sophomore Creates Art from Experiences


Alex Del Monte is making a name for himself on the WRHS campus. The sophomore is getting recognized for not only being a terrific young person but one of the students to watch in the art community.

The WRHS Yearbook Art Contest, sponsored by Ms. Brooks’s yearbook class, offered students an opportunity to showcase their skills. The contest asked potential participants to create pieces illustrating what school spirit looks like at Weston Ranch. Del Monte, a self-taught artist, entered and submitted what he thought school spirit meant to him.

“It was a very inspiring submission,” said Ms. Brooks.

For Del Monte, art is all about the experience. Whenever he sees something that makes him feel an emotion, he translates it into a piece of art. For him, art goes beyond paper, paint, and graphic design. His art aims to say something.

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“I try to make my art about an experience,” Del Monte said. “Something I’ve seen going on or how something makes me feel. I like to tie a lot of meaning into my art so people can identify and connect with what I make.”

One of the unique things about Del Monte is he is self-taught. Currently, he is not involved in any on-campus art classes, but he feels that has helped him grow.

“I’ve been drawing for almost my entire life, but I haven’t taken any classes. I’m self-taught,” Del Monte said. “I don’t take art here because I don’t like to be limited to one way to do things. But, I’m open to exploring art classes here. I like to explore the other arts we have here, so I joined the choir.”

Most artists have influences, people they admire. Del Monte told The Prowl he gets inspiration from YouTube artists and animators. But, he isn’t limited to online-only influencers. He has a lot of friends who are artists, and they inspire him tremendously. But, it is his inspiration and creativity that are getting him noticed.

“Alex is a creative student who has shown the ability to create art at a high level,” said Mr. Hager, Alex’s 2nd-period history told The Prowl.

Some students find their way when they find their niche. For Del Monte, he seems to have found his way using art.

“Art is kinda everything I do,” he said. “It isn’t limited to paper and digital art. I like to write, and I want to write music. Everything I do has something to do with art. I like to take everyday experiences and capture what I see artistically.”




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Sophomore Creates Art from Experiences