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Drama Geeks Back on the Boards with Username


Last night, the theater department, better known to some on the campus as the Drama Geeks, offered Weston Ranch High School their version of “Username,” a play written by Brian Hampton. Thursday night’s performance was the second production of Mr. Hampton’s works (the drama class produced and performed “Gossip” in 2019). The drama department has exceptional plays and performances, and last night was not an exception.

“The ghost light is off,” drama teacher and director Ms. Stogner laughed. “Honestly, it’s great to be back on stage and in front of a live audience again.”

Username is a one-act play which means the performance happens in one continuous act, unlike a regular play with 3-5 acts. The premise of Username is a poignant and humorous satire that presents the ramifications of a plugged-in life and the benefits of finding balance with a good old-fashioned human connection ( It also utilized a similar style to the previously performed Gossip, where roles were played either by males or females. It was an entertaining and humorous look at what happens when you don’t unplug.

“This was a great play to showcase our society’s dependence on technology and the illusion of relationships it creates,” Stogner said.

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Cameron, played beautifully by Victoria Luna, feels pressure to engage more with social media and technology. Her parents, played by Luz Soria and Remy Oliver, are obsessed with technology and use it constantly. Cameron’s brother Carson, played by Marques Tova, is rarely seen without his gaming goggles and controllers.

Pressure mounts when Cameron starts at a new school, Network Technology School, where social media is a way of life, and the entire student body goes only by usernames. Cameron is expected to join a school club styled after specific social media approaches — from humble braggers and shameless self-promoters to notorious trolls and conspiracy theorists. But what if Cameron doesn’t fit any of those molds? And is Cameron the only one who feels alone in a sea of social media, or could others feel the same? (

The uniqueness of this play was in its ability to let the director and actors be creative. Lines could be divided up in any way (by one actor, in pairs, as a group), and the cast members could be any gender and reflect any modern family. In addition, the sets didn’t require elaborate set pieces as the message was more important than the visuals needed to be.

“For this ensemble, it was the first performance for most of them as advanced drama students,” Stogner said. “For many of them, this was their first full play ever.”

Since the actors technically were the set pieces, there wasn’t a need to have complex sets. There were also quick lighting changes as the actors moved into a position when they needed a table and chairs. The action continued seamlessly between scenes, whether quickly moving to a new spot or a quick break to move furniture.

While the play progressed, the 100 plus audience members could identify with the theme. In addition, the performer’s costumes indicated which club they were in, giving the audience a clue to their Usernames (POSITIVE POSTERS, ATTACKERS, or PARANOID DELETERS, for example), and they always carried a SCAB (school communication access book). Hence, the audience was constantly aware of the play’s themes. In the end, the 45-minute performance saw the crowd respond positively and appreciatively.

Stogner added, “We appreciate the students who supported us. Special shout out to those staff members who were able to make last night’s performance.”

The next production for the Drama Geeks will be the annual and highly anticipated Haunted House. The date for the untitled fright-fest is set for October 28.

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Drama Geeks Back on the Boards with Username