Louis Armstrong: A Music Pioneer

February marks Black History Month. A nationwide celebration that calls on all Americans to reflect on the significant roles African-Americans have played in shaping US history.

Louis Armstrong, also known as “Satchmo,” “Satch,” and “Pops,” was an African American trumpeter. He is also known for being a composer and a vocalist, being the one who composed “What a Wonderful World.” Born in August of 1901, Armstrong was living in poverty in New Orleans, Louisiana. When he was young, he would work at peculiar jobs and sing in a boys’ quartet. However, once he had begun playing the band’s cornet, he discovered that music had become a huge passion for him.

Armstrong’s music career was very successful, even with minor downfalls. He had developed his way of playing jazz as either an instrumentalist or a vocalist, which significantly impacted upcoming musicians to come. Armstrong was a very hard and passionate worker in his music career, which is evident because he had been recording hit songs for five decades. He was also able to appear in over thirty films and was dubbed by many “a gifted actor with superb comic timing and an unabashed joy of life.”

“My whole life has been happiness. Through all the misfortunes…I did not plan anything. Life was there for me, and I accepted it. And life, whatever came out, has been beautiful to be, and I love everybody,” Armstrong said once.

Armstrong was not only seen as just a fantastic trumpeter. He was also a bandleader, a soloist, a singer, a comedian, and a film star. Louis Armstrong had a very impactful life towards musicians, and other people moved by his quotes, sayings, and music.

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