Digital Photography Collects Awards

I want to congratulate my Intro to Digital Photography students. They were judged in 6 categories with the winners below. Be sure to congratulate these students if you see them in class or on campus!

Big props to Gurwinder Singh, his piece was selected as 2nd overall in Best in Show.

If you get a chance today, make sure to walk through the theater entrance and hallway and see all of the photos and artwork while they’re still up for display.

1 Ebarle, Ise
2 Watts, Shataeja
3 Walker, Asassi’Onie

1 Irada, Angelika
2 Ayala Arroyo, Alexis
3 Mungarro, Eric

Still Life
1 Dacus, Leilani P
2 Rodriguez, Carla
3 Diaz, Angel

Landscape and Wildlife
1 Arevalo Campos, Ali
2 Goodman, Zhaaylia
3 Irada, Angelika

1 Singh, Gurwinder (2nd Overall in Best in Show)
2 Isher, Uday S
3 Green, Nathaniel

1 Goodman, Zhaaylia
2 Apostol, Maiyah E
3 Alupay, Khaina A