Review: The End

On October 29th and 30th, the Drama Geeks presented, “The End,” a haunted house located in the theater. It did not disappoint.

We experienced the spooky haunted house, and let us say it was scary. It was pretty loud and had a lot of pop-ups designed to create jump scares. Well done on that part.

Customers lined up quickly, and there was a long line waiting to get in. After we exited, we understood and appreciated the amount of work put into producing an effective house of haunts.

“At least 25-30 people participated in the haunted house,” one of the performers named Alexandria told us. “It took about a week to set up.”

Mrs. Stogner came up with the idea, shared with her students, and they did the rest. With surprises around every corner possibility you could get lost, the dread someone feels while moving through the maze was very smart and sufficient.

Alexandria also said, “It feels good when people get scared because it gives us the adrenaline and confidence that we’re doing a good job.”

Well done, Drama. We can’t wait to walk through next year.