Drama Geeks Give New Meaning to Gossip

Last night, the theater department, better known to some on the campus as the Drama Geeks, offered Weston Ranch High School their version of “Gossip,” a play written by Brian Hampton. The drama department produces exceptional plays and performances, and last night was not an exception.

Gossip is a one-act play which means the performance happens in one continuous act, unlike a regular play which may have 3-5 acts. The premise of “Gossip” is the story of a group of high school theatre students who befriend a charming yet sinister new student named Gossip. She immediately makes herself right at home as she secretly manipulates and twists the truth to get what she wants. But, as her new friends begin to figure it all out, they turn on her as ruthlessly as she went after them, leading to a surprisingly twisted ending. (broadwayworld.com)

Helming the lead role of the character Gossip was senior, Genesis Lee. A veteran of WR’s theater department who has been in multiple productions, Lee’s interpretation and performance was spot-on and drew a loud round of applause when she took her bow during the curtain call. Senior Emran Azimi also turned in a remarkable performance as Andy, who served as the play’s narrator and even as a critical character in the plot development.

Ms. Stogner, who has lead WR’s theater department for the past five years, chose “Gossip” for its message and relevance. Her actors responded with passion and grace.

“This show was the first public performance for about 50% of my ensemble, and they worked incredibly hard to put on a great show!” Stoger said.

While the play progressed, the 100 plus audience members could identify with the theme. In the end, the 35-minute performance saw the crowd respond positively and appreciatively.

Stogner added, “We really appreciate the students who supported us. Special shout out to those staff members who were able to make last night’s performance.”

The next production will be the annual and highly anticipated Haunted House. The date for the “The End,” as they affectionately call it, is October 29th.