More Spotlight on the Arts Highlights

Listed below are the Ribbon winners for our Spotlight on the Arts, they will advance to the District Art show to compete against the other High Schools along with several other students .

Advanced Digital Photography:
1st Place: Jesse Concepcion
2nd Place: Nina Cano
3rd Place: Ernesto Rodriguez
Artist Achievement Award: Armando Mendoza
Great Artist: JenessaFalcon
Great Artist: Marc Zaragoza
Great Artist: Jaeda Browder
Great Artist: Anna Moorad

Digital Photography:
1st Place: Crystal Daquioag
2nd Place: Kirsten De Jesus
3rd Place: Trinity Hillyard
Artist Achievement Award: Oakland Moore
Great Artist: David Gamez
Great Artist: Jessica Seng
Great Artist: Ron Mendoza
Great Artist: Ahmed El-Louhaiby
Great Artist: Sandra Perez

Congratulations to all the winners and best of luck in the District competitions.