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WRHS Varsity Football Coach Ron Wayman Announces Retirement After 15 Years.

WRHS Varsity Coach Ron Wayman

Weston Ranch’s Varsity head football coach of 4 years and 15 year coaching at WRHS, Ron Wayman, has decided
to retire from coaching. He made his final decision on the first of August, and sent
out the letter to staff announcing the news on the 18th of October.
Wayman began coaching because of his love for the game, in all forms. He loves the
atmosphere and the emotion put into it, along with the intensity brought in during
each play. But the biggest reason he began as a coach was for the students. He stated
in an interview, “They’re exceptional people, exceptional athletes. Being able to
invest in not only their athletic careers, but their careers after high school was the
most important thing to me.” He also states that the bond he was able to build with
his athletes on and off the field is something he will always cherish.

When interviewing players, it wasn’t hard to tell that the feelings were mutual. Khali
Davis-Hardware (11th grade) stated, “I feel like it will be a big change without
Wayman here because he made a big impact on the players and the program. I’ll also
have to adapt to the new coaching system, so I know my senior season will feel
different.” Dereon Moore (10th grade) added by saying, “Wayman is a really good
coach, but not only that, he’s a really good mentor and supporter. It’s going to be
weird when he leaves, but at least we’ll still have him as a teacher here.” It’s evident
that Wayman’s time as a coach has impacted the players not only on the field, but in
their personal lives as well.

In a staff interview, Mr. Hager stated, “He not only made positive jumps and
improvements towards the program, but also ensured that the student-athletes
performed at a high level in every area. They were expected to perform to their full
potential regardless of what they were doing.”
It was a tough decision to make, with many factors influencing him to lean in either
direction. Overall, the determining factor was in correlation to God and his family.
He is not only extremely family-oriented, but also very strong in his faith. This is
shown in his classroom, as you can see bible verses each way you look. As much as
he loves his team, Wayman felt as though he was putting his family and God on the
back burner, and didn’t get enough time spent with them. It was a rollercoaster of
emotions for him, but he felt as though he made the right decision in the end.
Wayman stated that it has been a “wild” and “fun” ride, with his favorite memories
being the ability to see his student-athletes succeed in what they do. He appreciates
everyone who has been with him along the road, and especially the athletes that
committed to the vision of “one team, one mission.

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