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ESports Tryouts TODAY!

Tryout in 406

Are you good at Super Smash Bros Ultimate (SSBU)? Do you think you can play competitively against other schools? Well, you are in luck, because we had tryouts on 9/6, and 9/7, as well as tryouts occurring on Tuesday 9/12, and Wednesday 9/13. If you go to Ms. Hunters room 406 after school on these last two dates listed, you can tryout for the schools Esports team, you are required to at least attend two to be considered. Ms. Hunter is the coach and will be overseeing the tryouts as students play to see who can make it in. This is all taking place as currently Esports needs players. 

Now let’s slow down, you may be asking, what even is Esports? Well, Esports is a Competitive Online sport in which people, like normal sports, compete against each other. In this case the game is SSBU, the popular platform fighter on Nintendo’s console, The Nintendo Switch. You also may be asking, what am I even getting myself into? Moreover, it is quite like normal sports, players will come in Monday through Thursday to Practice unless specified otherwise, they will practice against each other in standard competitive One on Ones. This is all led by Ms. Hunter, Algebra A, B, and 1 Teacher.  

Speaking of Ms. Hunter, she is the coach of the Esports team. Multiple questions were asked to Ms. Hunter concerning Esports and how it usually functions as well as regarding Tryouts. Such as the question of what she is exactly looking for in a Esports Athlete, Ms. Hunter, Esports Coach and Teacher of Algebra A, B, 1, “Grades, dedication, and skill.” Another inquiry to Ms. Hunter was about the amount of dedication she wants out of someone, and how often she wants them to come by to practice, Ms. Hunter, Esports Coach and Teacher of Algebra A, B, and 1, “They need to give me 3-4 days a week starting in mid-to late September.” 

Along with all of this, who else better to ask about Esports than an Esports Athlete themselves? After interviewing Esports Athlete about what they had enjoyed the most about Esports they had given us this response, Diego Gonzales Sophomore, “Playing with friends.” 

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Room 406 (Angel Garcia Gallegos)



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