Kyle Smith Set to Soar at Sacramento State


Kyle Smith

Senior Kyle Smith is moving on. Surrounded by family and friends, Smith signed a letter of intent to continue his education and track career at Sacramento State University. Without a doubt, this is an exciting time for Kyle, and Weston Ranch will celebrate his achievements and accomplishments as a student-athlete.

Smith accepted a scholarship and will compete in the discus and hammer throw for the Hornets.

“I had some choices (Fresno State, Fullerton State, and Sacramento), but I chose Sacramento State because it felt right,” Smith said. “The coaches were proactive in who I was as a person and a future track team member. In addition, they stressed community’s importance, which meant a good deal to me.”

It isn’t hard to miss Smith. Not only is the 6’7″ senior formidable in the discus circle, but he is also a prominent personality on the WRHS campus. His enthusiasm for track and field matches his excitement for school and life. He had always been interested in track and field, and when his junior year football season ended, he first went out there with his friend for fun.

Smith struggled to master the technique of throwing the discus, but coach Mellion pushed him every day because he knew his potential. He was not the strongest or the most coordinated, but he had a strong work ethic and a determination to succeed. He spent countless hours practicing and training, and gradually, he began to improve.

As the months went by, Kyle’s hard work paid off. He became one of the top throwers on the team and in the Sac-Joaquin Section. Smith won the SJAA league championship with a throw of 151′ 10, took second place in the CIF-SJS DII Prelims, and will compete this weekend in the CIF-SJS Masters at Davis High School.

Kyle’s success as a discus thrower was due to his physical abilities and mental strength. He learned to push himself to his limits, to overcome obstacles, and to never give up on his dreams. He inspired many others with his perseverance and dedication. He gives credit to the people around him for his success.

“The people around me, such as my teammates and coach Mellion, push me to get better and make practice fun,” Snith said. “Whether you’re a discus thrower, a student, or just someone with a goal, you can achieve great things if you believe in yourself and never give up.

“I’m excited to compete at the next level,” Smith said. “The team at Sac is young, and I’m coming in with two other freshman throwers. We’ll be able to help build the throwing program and bring more attention to the program overall. It’s a small team regarding numbers, but I’m confident my efforts in the classroom and on the field will help grow this program the more successful we are. I am excited to have the opportunity to see my growth and showcase my talent and all the hard work.”

Smith will pursue a degree in business when he steps on the Sac State campus. However, he is focused on his long-term goals and ready to chase a dream.

“I really have an interest in economics, so pursuing a degree in business was a natural choice,” Smith said. “I am interested in agriculture and want to turn my business degree into something in the agricultural side of management.

“My support system was wonderful during my time at Weston Ranch. My family is happy I will be close enough to see me. My dad and aunt told me to find the best place to fit in academically. They wanted me to consider life after athletics, so stressing that I needed a degree was a great piece of advice. A lot can happen to an athlete that can be taken away. A degree sets me up for success once I finish my track career,” Smith concluded.