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Weston Ranch Boys Golf Ready to Get on Radar

A Weston Ranch sport you hear people talk about only sometimes is boys’ golf. Why is that? Why do only a few people know the Cougars have a golf team? These are a few questions that we try to answer in this story.

First, The Prowl takes responsibility for the golf team’s obscurity because we need to take the time to know the program and help get the word out. We are now taking steps to introduce our audience to golf and our boys’ team.

From an outside perspective, golf is a bit mundane, but the more you observe and learn about the sport, the more it appeals to you. Of course, other sports, like basketball, football, and volleyball, overshadow golf because golf provides fewer highlights than the outside viewer might see. Still, just because it lives in the shadows doesn’t mean it is a bad or boring sport. On the contrary, it involves more skill and endurance than you might think.

And as Spring sports are around the corner, the campus should take note of golf. One of the returning linksters is sophomore Diego Rodriguez, who made his Weston Ranch golf debut last year as a freshman. Rodriguez knows golf is challenging and looks forward to his second year on the team.

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“My parents told me to try it (golf) after I told them I had an interest,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez added, “Golf is a little more difficult than it seems because people think you can hit the ball easily, but it takes a lot more than that. So first, you have to hit the ball, and second, have good aim.”

Although golf doesn’t seem like a competitive sport and doesn’t provide much excitement like other sports, Rodriguez says that’s not necessarily the case.

“Visually, I agree it doesn’t appeal to the eye as other sports, but if you were to play it, you do feel the competitiveness of the sport.”

Weston Ranch golf is a sport that should be put on the radar more often. The sport can be fun and competitive even if people don’t see it that way. More schools should shine a light on their golf teams because golf has the same goals as any other sport. That way, people who want to try a new sport or like golf can play it and compete.

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Weston Ranch Boys Golf Ready to Get on Radar