49ers Faithful Cry Out for Lance

Trey Lance, the new rookie QB for the 49ers, has had an excellent training camp. The best any 49er Rookie QB has ever shown. For the many 49ers Faithful, seeing how good Lance has played and guided the team, fans are all in for Lance starting week 1. Although Jimmy Garoppolo led the 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2019, fans are over him and ready to anoint Lance the next 49ers QB.

It looks like head coach Kyle Shanahan really has his mind made up on Garoppolo starting against the Lions. According to the story on En.as.com, Shanahan said,” I think it’s gonna be tough for [Lance] to win the job, just in terms of it being two different styles of quarterbacks and maybe a little different style of offense for both of them” August 7th, 2021.

Lance has shown he’s ready to start at least one of these games. So Shanahan has been giving him plays with the first team. According to the story on En.as.com, Shanahan said, “He’s doing everything he can. I’m very impressed with him so far, but I’d be very surprised if that happened.”

With how he throws, with a lot of power, and being a mobile QB, Lance can bring the fans an offense we haven’t seen since the Colin Kapernick era. According to En.as.com, Shanahan said, “He (Shanahan) could rotate Garoppolo and Lance based on in-game matchups.”