Sierrah Cleary Named Female Athlete of the Year


Sierrah Cleary

Athletics returned in 2021, and the pandemic shortened seasons for each sport forced schools to navigate tremendous challenges to get athletes back in the game. In addition to schools facing the challenges, the athletes were asked to perform extraordinary feats in a short amount of time. We expected more from the student-athletes, and that’s why the Weston Ranch High School recognized the school’s most outstanding high school student-athletes for their athletic excellence, academic achievement, and exemplary character. For those reasons, Senior Sierrah Cleary received the most prestigious honor for Weston Ranch High School sports: the 2020-2021 Female Athlete of the Year.

Cleary was a 2-sport athlete (volleyball and softball) all four years of her high school career, and she also played basketball for two years. That’s a rare feat nowadays as some student-athletes tend to focus on one sport and specialize in one in some cases. However, Sierrah played two sports and excelled in each one. Again, a rarity amongst student-athletes today, especially this year, as she played two sports basically at the same time. And that says a lot about Cleary.

“Sierrah as a player is the consummate leader athlete,” said former head softball coach Ron Wayman. “She not only strives to be the best athlete and person she can be but wants her teammates to be there with her. When a teammate struggled, Sierrah was the first and the last person to work with her teammate. She is everything that a coach wants to have in a player and an athlete. I was blessed beyond measure to be her coach.”

During Cleary’s freshman year, she played volleyball and basketball, serving as her team’s captain in volleyball and as a starting shooting guard in basketball. As a sophomore, she was a starting pitcher for softball and roamed the diamond at shortstop when she wasn’t pitching and a volleyball team member. At the end of her sophomore year, she stopped playing basketball and concentrated on softball and volleyball as she finished out her junior and senior years.

While she excelled on the diamond and court, she also shined in the classroom. Always maintaining a 3.5 GPA or better, Cleary balanced the demands of athletics and academics with great care. Her work ethic, perseverance, and love for both school and sports were noticeable and helped identify Cleary as one of Weston Ranch’s bright stars for all four years as a member of the campus and community.

“I coached Sierrah Cleary for her last year of volleyball but have seen her play all 4,” said head volleyball coach Senecia Patten. “Over the years, I have watched her grow into a strong player and even better person. Sierrah has always been a team player, bringing a smile to the faces of everyone she came across. Sierrah was captain both of her years on Varsity. She motivated every player on and off the court. Thank you for being so caring and patient with us, Sierrah. We also thank you for your dedication and selfless spirit. You have left a beautiful mark on our program that we will cherish for many years to come. We wish you all the best.”

In addition to being named team captain, winning coach’s awards, and earning starting spots, Cleary took home impressive academic awards last Tuesday during Senior Awards Night. Cleary earned her Career Technical Education/ROP Honor Cord and was awarded the Career Technical Education Scholarship. She also earned honor cords in science and social science.

“I want to thank all the coaches and everything they’ve done for me to put in the place I’m in now,” Cleary told The Prowl. “Without them, I would never have been able to win this award, and I can’t be more grateful. Most of all, I want to thank my parents and my sister for always traveling and trying their best to go to every single one of my games to support me.”

So, after all the well-deserved accolades, what’s next for Cleary?

“I am committed to Sacramento State College. I plan to study business, but I’m not too sure yet.”

Former varsity volleyball head coach Edward summed up Sierrah’s honor the best: “Sierrah was always a pleasure to have around. Her positive attitude and energetic personality were contagious and made being around her fun! She was a key contributor and always worked hard to do what was best for the team.”

Congratulations to Sierrah on her much-deserved award of Athlete of the Year. The Prowl salutes you and wishes you the best of luck.