Basketball Season Gets Green Light, But Playoffs are in Question

As several of us have been waiting for the whole year to find out if high school basketball will be played this year or not, we have an answer. Yes, a 10-game schedule has been set for now, but a possible playoff is yet to be determined. The talk of these playoffs leaves me with many questions about how the CIF will handle these playoffs.

First, how will be seating and entrance to the games be handled? If we can have playoff games, schools should let in more fans to the game for the atmosphere of a playoff game. Handing out two tickets to each player doesn’t guarantee the stands would be full and takes away some of the excitement of playoff basketball.

Another question would be, with only ten regular-season games, how fair would tournament seeing be? Would there even be an appropriate seeding, or would it be biased towards some good teams for past successes?

These are all valid questions that I have for our possible playoffs for all the hard-working student-athletes hope that we do have a playoff.