Green Bay Outlasts New Orleans in Epic Matchup

The NFL is off to one of its most fantastic starts in history. Through three weeks, teams are averaging 51 points per game, according to, and it seems as if no offseason and training camps pre-season has affected the opposing defenses more than the offense.

Last Sunday’s week three matchup between the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints did not differ. The game featured many things football fans love: all-time greatness going head to head for what could’ve been the last time, Aaron Rodgers vs. Drew Brees, Aaron Jones vs. Alvin Kamara, the Packers high-powered offense vs. the Saints stout defense. It was a dream matchup, and this game lived up to its buildup.

Coming into week three, the Packers offense was unstoppable, and they continued to shine last Sunday. On the other hand, the Saints had their struggles; they were coming off of a disappointing loss to the Las Vegas Raiders and looked to get back on track with a win at home. The Packers came into this game as three-point underdogs despite being the better team over two weeks. Both teams were without their number one wide receivers, Michael Thomas of the Saints and Davante Adams of the Packers, and the big question was, “Which team can overcome major injuries and come out on top?”

In the opening quarter, the Saints came out red hot as the Packers defense struggled to stop the run game and tackle running back Alvin Kamara. The Saints would take a 7-3 lead. In the second quarter, however, things started to heat up. After kicker Mason Crosby made his second consecutive field of the night to cut the lead by 1, the Saints would falter on their drive and punt the ball right back to Aaron Rodgers and company. Rodgers completed a 48-yard laser to receiver Allen Lazard on the drive’s first play and kickstarted the Packers offense. The Packers would go on to score and take a 13-7 lead.

The Saints then scored a field goal on their next drive to bring the lead down to three, and they would get the ball right back before halftime as the Packers failed to score. Now, as the first half was winding down, the Saints would score another touchdown to take the lead 17-13 going into the second half.

On the second half’s opening drive, Rodgers connected with Lazard yet again, this time on a 72-yard laser. And once again, the Packers would score a touchdown and overtake the Saints 20-17. The Saints would answer the Packers score with a field to tie the game at 20-20 (Yes, this score was indeed hard to look at). Up to this point, the Saints defense had failed to stop the Packers offense, and the Aaron Rodgers show continued. The Packers once again marched down the field to score and break the tie. Down 27-20, the Saints needed to score yet again. Just as the Saints defense, the Packers defense was shredded like swiss cheese by Alvin Kamara. The Packers COULD NOT tackle!!

The Saints scored again. Surprised? These two offenses were going back and forth till the end. The Packers decided to go for the next drive and failed to convert on fourth down and gave the ball back to the Saints. With the game on the line and the ball with the Saints offense, it seemed as if the Packers would suffer their first loss of the season. But, hey, the Saints had other things on their minds as they would fumble the ball and give it right back to the Packers. From here on out, it was all Green Bay. Rodgers and company managed to take a 30-27 lead with only about seven minutes remaining in regulation. New Orleans failed to do anything on the next drive and would punt the ball for the third time. Green Bay would score yet again and essentially put the game away.

The Packers came out on top in primetime and went home with a convincing 37-30 win. The Saints fell short for the second consecutive week. This matchup is one for the books, Rodgers vs. Brees, all-time greatness head to head. Green Bay remained undefeated at 3-0, while New Orleans fell to 1-2 on the new season. For now, both teams continue onto week four and look to continue onto the young season.