Weston Ranch Hosts Middle School Basketball Tournament


Last Saturday, the Weston Ranch boys basketball program hosted a middle school basketball tournament. Schools from Stockton, Lathrop, and Manteca converged on our campus for a fun day of basketball competition. Teams played three games each on Saturday, where the eventual champion, River Island eighth grade, earned the crown.

Teams gathered in both the small and large gyms on the campus, hoping their team would eventually take the top spot. Participating schools from McParland, August Knodt, Brock Hurst, River Island 7th grade, Komure, New Haven, River Island 8th grade, and Mossdale assembled on the “big” court. They got the feel of what it may be like in the coming years should they continue to pursue their hoop dreams.

It was an inspiring day for all the participants. Large crowds, Cougar basketball players serving as officials, students helping out at the snack bar, and photographers all helped make the day unique for the athletes.

“It was a great day for our program and these kids,” said head basketball coach Chris Teevan. “To see the community get behind this was special.”

Eventual tournament champion River Island 8 began their day at 11 and won three games, including the championship at 3:30, capping off a big day as they hoisted the trophy.

“This was awesome for the schools,” said Stephen Schluer, an MUSD Board of Trustee. “The basketball program and the admin team rocked this, and it showed. Kudos to the WRHS Leadership team for making the signs for each school in the tourney.”

The tournament was organized, well-staffed, and fun for all involved. It really showed a positive side of Weston Ranch and what the school does to include the community.

“The coaching staff and students made this happen,” said WR principal Troy Fast. “This makes us proud.”

Varsity head coach Chris Teevan lends a hand as a referee
Parents and fans watching the action in the large gym
tournament bracket
Gavin Wilburn and Mi’Son Coilton lend a hand as referees
Senior Julianna Lassiter helped out as the day’s official scorer
R to L-Coach Menzel, Feo Pitts, Elijah Mobley, Xavion Bell, and Crystal Fielder helped at the front desk
Boys assistant coach Eric Duncan offered advice to his August Knodt team before their second round game.