Arevalo Looks to Lead Cougar Track in New Beginning

In a few months, the Weston Ranch High School track team will be on the move. As a bonus, the track team will actually get to run on a state-of-the-art surface, which was introduced to the campus back in October.

Weston Ranch will be on display, and Senior Brian Arevalo will help lead the team. Arevalo was a standout long-distance runner while a member of the cross country team, and he expects to make the transfer to track and continue his incredible journey as a runner.

Arevalo had a standout cross-country season. With multiple top 10 VOL finishes, a trip to both the Divisional and Sectional races, Arevalo looks ahead to track as his way to improve and support his team.

“While I did not achieve the goals I wanted, I will say that last season was hard and took a lot of work,” Arevalo told The Prowl. “I learned more about what it means to run and go race. I am very glad that I was able to lace up my racing flats one last time for cross-country and race in them.”

Looking ahead to the track season, Arevalo expects more hard work, and he will bring a strong work ethic to his practices and the meets.

“I expect this track season to be the hardest season I’ve had to date. I expect there to be good times, struggles, PR’s, and lots of running. Lots of running fast,” he added.

We also want to add Arevalo is a great student as well as a great athlete. The school honored him for his tremendous accomplishments recently honored him as an AP student. He is an AP Scholar who passed three AP exams.

We want to thank Brian for his time, and we wish him the best of luck in his future pursuits.

As far as the track team, if you’re wondering how you can get involved and join Brian and the rest of his teammates, contact coach April West for more information. Stop by room 1109 and speak with coach West about the exciting sport of track and field and where you might be able to find a spot based on your interests. One does not need prior track and field experience to join the team: Just come with the determination to work hard and never give up.

Arevalo added one final thought about the track team. He said, “The track team is, well, interesting….at least the long-distance side of things. We have plenty of fun together at and outside of practice; we all are one big family.”

Brian Arevalo racing towards another finish line

Brian Arevalo