Seniors Earn Victory in Powder Puff Game!


The annual Seniors vs. Juniors Powder Puff game happened on Wednesday night and did not disappoint. In front of a large group of students and fans, the teams assembled under the Cougar Stadium lights and battled ferociously. The end of the evening saw the Seniors emerge victorious as they beat the Juniors 16-8.

Both teams were very competitive; both sides were determined to win and earn the bragging rights for their respective classes. The teams spent many hours practicing in the weeks leading up to Wednesday’s contest, and both sides were anxious to show off their new strategies and plays, which they believed would help them gain the upper hand over the other team.

The Juniors revealed a new type of offensive tactic they hoped would bewilder the Seniors defenses, and they tried to rely on their quickness and agility to perform their offensive and defensive schemes.

Junior coach LTC Mike Cerezo said, “We thought the Class of ’21 was the team to beat. They had it all: Quickness, agility, mental fortitude, elements of surprise, and desire to win. But when it was over, the Class of ’20 got the win.”

The Senior team executed a trick play at the beginning of the game that surprised the Juniors, and Jennalyn Laminero scored a touchdown, making the score 6-0. They missed the 2-point conversion. The Juniors were stopped on four downs and punted. The Seniors marched down the field, and Laminero scored her second touchdown of the night. This time, they were successful on the 2-point conversion, and the Seniors were on top by the score 14-0 as the first half was coming to an end.

However, the Juniors didn’t quit with less than a minute in the half. Juniors quarterback Reyanna Jaurequi handed the ball to Lea’zae Smith, and she scored both the touchdown and 2-point conversion. At halftime, the score was Seniors 14 and Juniors 8.

The halftime show was memorable as the fans were treated to a fun show. The Powder Puff cheerleaders came out to the field to perform a musical dance routine that delighted the crowd. Great job, cheerleaders!

There was plenty of action in the second half, but defense was the name of the game. Seniors sacked the Juniors quarterback for a safety, earning two points, and the final score was Seniors 16 and Juniors 8.

Special shout out to organizer Aubrey Lewis, coaches Csaba Hegyi and Mike Cerezo, student assistant coaches, announcer Rick Salas, referees Eddie Menzel, and Atlantis Gohleston, cheerleaders, custodians, and chain gang for a Cougar job well done!