Solei Marriott Inspires Weston Ranch

Solei-Marie Marriott is a freshman at Weston Ranch High School. She’s a good student. She plays softball. She is a typical high school kid. However, Solei isn’t just any ordinary freshman student though.

Solei was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS), a rare medical condition in which the strands of the amniotic sac separate and entangle around parts of the fetus’s body, including its digits and limbs. In Solei’s case, the bands of her amniotic sac wrapped around her leg, cutting off the circulation running through it and leaving one leg not fully developed. At only a few months old, doctors decided to amputate her leg. Because of this, Solei must use a prosthetic leg. But that doesn’t stop her.

Any person who must use any prosthetic, whether it be an arm or leg, often faces obstacles and challenges most people don’t. Because Solie plays softball, a sport where one of the main features is running, makes her a remarkable person. She is remarkable as she faces day-to-day challenges that most people couldn’t even imagine facing.

Solei struggles with certain physical activities such as walking long distances and running for too long. Her situation has not only impacted her physically but mentally; she feared that she wouldn’t fit in. On the softball diamond, it’s challenging to field ground balls because she can’t get low like some of her teammates when faced with the same situation. It’s also a challenge running multiple bases. Solei does receive the benefit of having a runner for her once she reaches the initial base, but getting there in the first place makes these parts of the game difficult for her on the field.

But, you wouldn’t know she is any different than anyone else unless you know her story. On the field, she is gregarious and determined, just like everyone else. In the classroom, she shines as a bright student who people like and admire for her hard work and dedication, just like everyone else.

“Solie, is a wonderful student who excels as much in the classroom as she does on the field!” said her digital photography teacher Ms. Ferguson. “She is creative, energetic, and shares her leadership skills with others in the classroom.”

For the most part, people react positively to Solei. Some people instantly fall curious and ask her questions and people who don’t even notice something about her leg until after they meet. Though Solei does well socially, there are some who have felt strange about her condition and distanced themselves from her. But, that’s ok because Solie has met challenges before, and adding the opportunity to demonstrate her abilities and show she is more than her physical issue.

Ms. Stogner, her drama teacher, is an excellent example of someone who sees the person, not the issue.

“Solei-Marie is always positive and outgoing in class,” said Stogner. “She is exceptionally creative and artistic. As part of the backstage crew, she’s taken on physical work without complaint and with pure self-motivation. She is always there to support her peers and me, and I’m so proud of all that’s she’s accomplished at such a young age!”

Mr. Hager, her Computers in Health teacher added, “Solie was a student in my Computers in Health class. She came to work every day, had a positive outlook and was always there for a classmate. She demonstrates strength and determination each day.”

But by now, since the ABS claimed her leg at a young age, she is used to every type of reaction that comes her way. Even through all of this, Solei has not let her condition get in her way. With the self-motivation Ferguson, Stogner, and Hager noticed, and the encouragement of her friends, Solei joined the school’s softball team and played first base for the Cougars. As mentioned earlier, Solei faced certain hardships on the field. Since her prosthetic leg didn’t fit properly at the time, this caused her pain and made it difficult to run and focus on the game. Even so, this barrier didn’t stop her from having fun and enjoying her sport.

“I don’t want people to look at me differently and think that my leg is something that stops me, or that my personality is different just because of how things are,” Solie said.

Solei has never let her situation get in her way, and her story is an inspiration for the rest of us try our best to overcome our challenges as well, and we are proud to share her story.

Solei Marriott