Cougars Vow to Just Keep Swimming


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Cougar swim season is here! Coach Basepayne is looking forward to it as the season is getting closer and closer. Our first meet will take place at the Weston Ranch Pool on March 8th, 2019, at 3:30 pm. Hopefully, Coach Basepayne has our team up to speed.

This year, our swim team has 20 swimmers, ten boys and ten girls including some of our top swimmers such as Sophomore Jonathan Ordner, Senior Garrett Kmiec, and Senior Ben Martinez.

Coach Basepayne’s goal for the swim team is to see more people in the pool for the Cougars hopefully.

“You know it’s difficult having a small group because that means less team competition. Hopefully, with more swimmers, we’ll be able to push ourselves to get better and more competitive with other schools.’’

Additionally, this year’s team has to face the same kind of adversity as the football and soccer teams endured and that is they are not swimming in our pool. The team has to practice at Lathrop due to Weston Ranch’s pool’s unavailability. Basepayne has been working with Dr. Davis and the maintenance crew to get the issues resolved so they can concentrate on their specialties and less on where they will jump into the water.

Mr. Basepayne has been a swim coach for four years, and he would love for more interested swimmers to join the Weston Ranch Team.

“We don’t really have any specialties,” Basepayne said.  “All of our swimmers are great and take on multiple roles during the meets.”