Cougar Golfers Ready to Hit the Links


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Cougar varsity golf has not been one of the most “appreciated” sports Weston Ranch High has had to offer, but this year is developing into a potentially great year for Coach Hale and his team. Coach Hale has been looking after the program for the last five years and has seen his fair share of athletes come and go from his team, but none like his 4-year Varsity returning Seniors Justin Ordner and David Corona. Both are captains of their squad this year and are expected to have spectacular seasons waiting ahead of them.

When asked about his outlook on his team, Coach Hale said, “We’re farther ahead than we have been in the other seasons and I see a lot more athletes focused this year.”

This year, the Cougar golf team has the highest number of athletes participating as compared to all the years prior and looks to be a tremendously particular year for the team. With more golfers, come more standouts like Freshmen Ian Walters and Damien Cazares, whom coach Hale believes to be two of the most naturally talented underclassmen on the team.

The team has a record number of members this year, at about ten, but coach Hale would always appreciate having more come in and join his squad.

“Golf is one of those sports where you don’t realize how fun it is until you come out and try,” Hale said.

Coach Hale would tell anyone wishing to join the team not to be afraid or shy because golf is fun and there are many different levels of ability.  Hale is happy to see a lot of new faces this year and has very high expectations from his 2019 squad. Home golf matches begin at Van Buskirk Golf Course.