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A look at MAP Testing for children’s growth


Most people dislike testing, the strain of a test the next day can get especially hectic with Map testing, a four time per year annual state test. MAP stands for Measures of Academic Progress and is used statewide and even here at WRHS to measure student growth throughout the years. These tests are often sent out from the district and take place around Fall to Winter to Spring and lastly Summer. 


MAP testing as said before, stands for Measure of Academic Progress and that is exactly what is being measured when you take the test the four times per school year. Often issued out by the district, the MAP test can determine results in where students are placed in both English and Math, at times used to compare students at school the MAP test can as well be used to compare students across country. This goes to show just how serious at times it can be to take these tests seriously, the main issue teachers now face being the fact that some students aren’t taking these tests as seriously as they should. 

Now with one look at MAP testing you realize it has no effect on your current Math or English grade, this can lead to drastic results for your MAP results should you not take it as important as your regular test, exhibiting results that look like you have made little to most likely no progress at all on both subjects. These results measure progress, when such scores are shown to the district it can lead to far worse consequences for your normal Math and English classes, such as more work being issued out or an increased difficulty in such work. This is best stated with one of the many teachers here at WRHS, Ms. Hunter, being questioned on what she would improve about MAP testing, “Find a way for student buy in, to understand what they’re doing will not affect only them but future students as well.” 

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