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Shining a Spotlight on the Cougar Media Collective!

As we celebrate the year gone by and the promise of the new, it’s only fitting that we shine a spotlight on the remarkable teams behind the stories that bind us – the Cougar Media Collective! The name isn’t official, but it’s a good way to capture the Media Team, and the Prowl Team together! These dedicated wizards of words and masters of media have captured the very essence of our Cougar spirit, woven our triumphs and challenges into vibrant tapestries, and amplified our voices across the halls and beyond.

Remember that excitement of the homecoming ceremony? The poignant profile of a classmate overcoming adversity? Each one bears the invisible stamp of the Chronicle crew, their tireless efforts leaving an indelible mark on our school’s collective memory.

Their days and evenings spent shooting, editing, designing, and brainstorming are the unsung soundtrack to our daily lives. Their infectious enthusiasm for telling our stories, whether big or small, is the invisible ink that binds us together. They are the voice of our shared journey, the designers who print our triumphs in vivid hues, and the cheerleaders who amplify our hopes and dreams.

So, as we raise our glasses to another year, let’s raise a special toast to these silent heroes. To the tireless editors who polish every sentence to a shine, the photographers who capture fleeting moments of magic, the designers who make our stories full of life, and the social media mavericks who spread the Cougar spirit wide and far. Thank you, The Prowl Team and the Media Team, for being the wind beneath our wings, the ink in our pens, and the voices that amplify the chorus of Cougar pride. You are the heartbeat of our school, and we are eternally grateful for your dedication.

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Go Cougars!

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