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Variety in Tutoring

Cougar Den Tutoring

To those of you struggling or in fear of doing badly on your upcoming finals, WRHS has you covered. Thanks to the types of tutoring offered on campus before and after school overseen by many Staff and Teachers, so many do not have to study alone in the final weeks before Winter Break. 

Tutoring offered at WRHS may work differently compared to other schools as there are multiple teachers, rooms, and types of Tutoring. But it is not at all too complicated and even skillful in how you receive your tutoring as the way you learn is all up to you. The first method for Tutoring is offered and ran by our school before and after school, more specifically before school on Monday and Thursday in rooms 403 and 408, and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Tutorial Schedule

after school in rooms 1203 and 203. For those wondering how one may show up before school, you simply go to the office and are signed in for tutoring as stated by Mrs. Jara, who holds most of the information regarding Tutoring at WRHS, “You can just show up and you can enter through the office for morning tutoring, and you would go to the class and after class you would go after class and there is a QR code there to scan and that code logs you in.” Do not think Tutoring is for those struggling with subjects either, it is an option for all that wish to show up regardless of current grade status.  

In addition, Tutoring at WRHS is so plentiful that in technicality there are two ways to receive it on campus, these being the one our school provides and the Cougars Den before school held in the cafeteria. This type of Tutoring is run by Give Every Child a Chance as said by Mrs. Jara, “Cougars den is a tutorial service and is before school as well. It is run by the Give Every Child a Chance. Before and After school tutoring with teachers here is ran by WRHS.”  

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With these two ways of Tutoring in mind, it has been shown to further increase grades. As with WRHS provided Tutoring each teacher specializes in a subject from the normal classes they run. Such as with going to room 203 you may receive more help with science work then you can with any other teacher. With this in mind you could further your grade with how often you can go to Tutoring each day it is provided.  

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