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MEChA Brings Opportunities for All


Culture is a thing that everyone has and is close with, luckily WRHS is a place in which culture is expressed. And this is all thanks to our clubs such as MEChA (Movimiento Estudantil Chicano de Aztlan) being able to do activities on campus such as during rallies and lunch. MEChA coordinator Patricia Gonzales (Ms. Gonzales) helps pull together all of this together along with Esteban Ramirez, the Club President of MEChA, all in room 1102, club meetings often being on Tuesdays.

The MEChA club is not just about expressing culture at times either, it can lead to various opportunities for students that have found themselves to have joined. As MEChA stands for student interactivity between each other in these shared experiences, so connecting with MEChA not only leads to cultural expression but to do so with others. Furthermore, the class president of MEChA, Esteban Ramirez (12th grader himself) delivered these words to us, “MEChA stands for student movement, to promote the culture but student success as well, as some may not have the same opportunities and to help each other.” By these words we may see that MEChA doesn’t just express Culture, but the students themselves as well.

Every so often you may see a performance and dance done by MEChA during lunch or at a rally and some students may even consider participating in MEChA. Participation in MEChA is done by doing various acts of community service at times and performing in such activities you see be done by them, participation is not limited to this however, since even showing up to the daily Tuesday meeting is enough. Yet think not that contribution is in such little regard, because MEChA reaches out to colleges and such for students within it, providing opportunities for kids after high school.

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