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WASC, What it is and Why

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is a committee that makes sure that students are receiving a quality and rigorous education, with students being able to interact with the WASC committee every three years when they visit campus.  

WASC or the Western Association of Schools and Colleges may seem to be not useful at a starting glance, but it matters a lot more to students than some would realize. This is because WASC helps our school and our students. By WASC, Students are ensured that they are getting the correct and high-quality education that they deserve and much more. Students may even interact with the committee every three years when they arrive on campus to inspect it for the quality it should be. The last visit of these was done in February 2022 with the next meeting with a new WASC committee will be done in the Spring of 2025 in which Lauren Riley (Ms. Riley) our WASC Coordinator, will help set up.  

Furthermore, WASC evaluates schools like Weston Ranch in different areas. These can range from Curriculum to School Culture, this presents that the WASC committee is dedicated to making sure schools are accredited to WASC standards. But what qualities are put up to standards? These characteristics were explained by Ms. Riley, an English Teacher at WRHS, “Vision and Purpose, Governance, Leadership, Staff, and Resources. Curriculum, Learning, Teaching, Assessment, and School Culture. Schools that meet all WASC requirements are considered “accredited.” By these areas, WASC makes certain that Weston Ranch and its campus are devoted to the quality of student learning. 

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Everything they need to know about our school like location, student population, test scores, special programs, parent involvement, and campus activities. When the committee visits, I am in charge of all scheduling and on-campus accommodations. Committee members observe every classroom on campus, meet with every teacher, meet with numerous student “focus groups,” and even meet with parents to hear their perspective on Weston Ranch.” 

Additionally, to all that WASC does, it wouldn’t be possible without our WASC coordinator on campus, Ms. Riley. What a WASC coordinator does is organize a report with help from the entire staff to send to the WASC committee every three years. Then once the WASC committee reads it they would with help from Ms. Riley, organize a visit to campus in which committee members observe every part of the school, meet with every staff member, and much more in which the quality of Students learning is being shown, as explained by Ms. Riley herself, Ms. Riley, English Teacher for WRHS, “As WASC Coordinator, I am in charge of leading, guiding, organizing, and writing a very long report about our school which is sent to WASC approximately every three years. Monthly, I work with the entire staff on activities to complete the report. The report tells Committee members eve

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