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Is Exact Path a Disruption?

Most people don’t like math, me included. Not many are talented enough to keep all of those numbers tracked in their heads. The state seems to have realized this, thus they have said that every Wednesday regardless of you being in a Math Class you will have to log onto Edmentum or Exact Path and complete ten minutes’ worth of work. This is mostly due to the state putting pressure on multiple districts in the Central Valley, including WRHS, on student education.  

To many, including myself, it is an inconvenience, when that time could be spent doing your work for class or doing your warmup for the class you are currently in. And to kids already in math classes, this is nothing but their normal routine for the day, so this change only affects the students not currently in a Math Class. Those students will eventually take their required Math Class for that School Year in the next few months or have already taken their Math Class.  

Even then, on the official Exact Path website it is said that students will accelerate their growth rate in their subject after 40 minutes. Meanwhile, the current Math Classes only require 10-15 Minutes a day for their growth and their lesson of that day. So why are students not in Math having a disruption in their schedule? The Ten Minutes aren’t enough to keep information retained and learned in a student’s mind. When a student goes back to their Exact Path lesson next week, they won’t have remembered anything from their previous week of Exact Path.  

Yet, on the other hand, there are some positives to all of this, students who aren’t in Math are able to keep up with their curriculum and not lose track of their current Math Knowledge. Edmentum is also a very useful service when it comes to refreshing your mind and students can easily go back to old lessons and topics daily and see what they could work on again. The way the State is handling this is just not very helpful and more or less distracting and more harmful to a student’s current education to another class and their own Math Knowledge. 

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