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School Spirit Rages On with Cougars Rising Kick-Off

Cougars encourage Freshmen students to participate in the band led cheers during the 1st rally.

We just had a Cougars Rising Kickoff on September 1st to start off the year. On the morning of Friday, September 1, 2023, Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors were called at different intervals to come down to the Large Gym and see our Counselors, Teachers, Coaches, Band, Cheer, Choir, Dance, Color Guard, JROTC, and of course our Principal Troy Fast (Mr. Fast) talk about standing in the face of Adversity featuring Guest Speaker, Frank Gailey (Mr. Gaily). 

As many of you know the Cougars Rising Kickoff Assembly was on September 1st starting off a year full of achievements. There were many impressive and awe-inspiring performances by our school’s Cheer, Band, Color Guard, and Dance, but to who should we owe the credit for organizing this. None other than the School Spirit Machine himself, Mr. Brown, with the help of Ms. Roberts, Ms. Vasquz, Ms. Richards, Mr. Albala, and many others who so much time and effort into this. For he has said that he is proud of everyone involved. Mr. Brown’s quote regarding his involvement, Mr. Brown Band Teacher, “Takes hundreds of hours of work, and I love doing it. And I’m just so proud of everybody involved, make sure to put this in there.” In addition to Mr. Browns words, a question was asked to him which was asking him if he could add one thing to all of this, what would it be? The answer to that question was, Mr. Brown Band Teacher, “More People.” 

You may be asking yourself, “How can I get involved?” There is good news for you. Thanks to our Theatre, Choir, and Sound Production Teacher, Mr. Albala, students can join his Sound and Audio class which meets in the spring to further get involved with school activities like this. A statement from Mr. Albala, Choir and Theatre teacher to the question, if you could add one thing to all of this what would it be? “More people, bigger team.” Mr. Albala loves doing all of this so if any Students are interested, I would talk to him about joining as he loves doing all of this. 

Along with all of this we have the main message of our Assembly, conveyed by guest speaker Mr. Gaily. Mr. Gaily, friend of Mr. Fast, had given us a message about carving your own path in life through your hard work. Through their Wisdom, powerful words like these were shared. Mr. Gaily Guest Speaker says, “You have to be relentless in the pursuit of the best version of yourself, and only you could define that and whatever you want out of your life.” 

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Cougars welcome students and staff to the Cougars Rising Kickoff (Angel Garcia Gallegos)

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