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Dawn of a New Era 

Weston Ranch

A new club was formed on August 9th, 2023, in Weston Ranch High School. Your beloved classmates and even more caring and charismatic teacher Yesenia Reynoso pioneered the way for a change with this new club. The Crochet club will give birth to a crafty community and its new light will shine on us. Encompassing a mellow and optimistic future, rather than a negative and aggressive atmosphere school with fights, constant police attention and vandalism issues. The students in the club want to be able to make beautiful things to share with others and express how important it is to have a healthy hobby that teaches you the value of cherishing what you can create with your own hands.   

The club advisor Ms. Reynoso was taught by her grandmother. Once she was taught, she was completely obsessed with the idea of making adorable trinkets. She plans to teach this to others hoping to show off what the club creates and exchange ideas. So far, the club is bigger than anticipated; she did not foresee the club being as big as it is on the first day and she hopes it proceeds her if she ever does decide to depart from Weston Ranch. The goal of this club is community service, planning to give back to the campus monitors that are in the cold every day keeping our campus safe, giving them warm scarves and providing beanies or bucket hats. They will eventually move onto the elderly crocheting for them, selling those creations and fund raising to turn a profit.   

Abigal Torres, the club president, really wants to focus teaching people from the very beginning, slowly and just the basics. She wants to eventually donate some creations to a homeless shelter, while their treasurer wants to eventually use the Valentines candy grams to their advantage and make cute pouches to raise some money for their club just to start out. This club isn’t interested in money though; they really want to just express their creativity. Abby Torres really is a dedicated and experienced person though, also taught through her grandmother; Abby has worked tirelessly for the past 6 years on this hobby, and she says it’s a big love of hers.  

Ms. Reynoso appreciates the fact that, although there are a lot of people wanting to learn with the genuine infatuation for crocheting, her students that have NO interest in might give it a try. She hopes more of you will come and give it a try!  

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