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WRHS Salutes Super Seniors

The Prowl salutes some of WRHS’s Top Seniors. We asked each featured senior to provide their thoughts and thank them for helping us. Best of luck to some of WR’s Best and Brightest.


My name is Sania Saini, and my GPA is 4.17. I will attend UC Santa Barbara this upcoming Fall as a major in Physics with a minor in Astronomy and Planetary Science before transferring to another institution for Graduate School, where I will focus on Astrophysics. There are many career choices that I am thinking about; however, one idea that currently sticks out to me the most is becoming a professor at an accredited university while I conduct my research on the side. My favorite memory of Weston Ranch High School would have to be when I joined the WRHS Performing Arts Department. I was placed into Orchestra in the Fall of my Junior year due to scheduling conflicts. However, that incident would have to be the best “happy accident” I had ever experienced. Because of joining Orchestra, I was able to make so many friends, create life-lasting memories, and so much more! The Performing Arts Department essentially became a home for me on campus, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sania Saini

My name is Leilani Dacus. I currently have a cumulative grade point average of 4.2333. I will be attending Scripps College in the Fall. I plan to major in Media Studies and minor in Music. After that, I want to work in digital marketing while pursuing my dream of becoming a published author. I have made so many meaningful memories at Weston Ranch. Still, one of my favorites was when our musical theatre company received a standing ovation on the closing night of our Little Shop of Horrors production. All the hard work we put into our show – and the fun times we had in rehearsals – built up to that moment, and it was a great feeling to see the community enjoying it!

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Leilani Dacus

My name is Victoria Luna, and my GPA is 4.25. My plans for next year include attending UC Davis and doing work-study during the academic year. In addition, I will continue with Kaiser Permanente this summer in their intern program. As for my future career goals, I want to become a Professor in Psychological Sciences at a university or academy. My favorite memory at Weston Ranch High School is hard to pinpoint, but it is any and every time that I have been part of a club or cast that celebrates our achievements together, such as in HOSA and Theatre.

Victoria Luna

I am Isabelle Mayorca, and my GPA is 4.0. I will attend the University of California, Berkeley, in the Fall, where I will pursue a degree in psychology or law in hopes of becoming a psychologist or lawyer. I have made many memories throughout my high school career that I will forever be grateful for. My favorite memories will be the friendships I’ve made through Leadership, the sports I competed for at Weston Ranch, and the connections I’ve made with some of my favorite teachers.

Isabelle Mayorca

My name is Keira Baptista. My GPA is currently 4.13, ranked 8th in the class. I plan on attending UC Davis, majoring in English and minoring in Technical Theatre. In the future, I plan to be a book or magazine editor or publisher while still dabbling in technical theatre on the side. I have made many beautiful memories here at Weston Ranch, but my favorites were definitely made in the VAPA department with my theatre friends and family.

Keira Baptista

My name is Erik Cerda, and I am a Senior here at Weston Ranch High. I have a GPA score of 4.1864 from the cumulative classes I have taken over my high school career. Concerning my plans for the next school year, I plan to go to UC Berkeley to continue my studies in the medical field, hopefully fulfilling my goal of being a proper medical student studying microbiology and further moving into cardiology. My career goal includes moving up the medical career ladder to one day become a Cardiologist, a specialist who studies the hearts of their patients and other systems related to the cardiovascular system. My favorite memory of my time here would go to my authentic experiences performing on stage for my Orchestra class offered at this school, performing in front of many families to play many types of melodies. My second memory includes making an extraordinary friendship in my senior year, which has given me comfort and personal growth.

Erik Cerda

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WRHS Salutes Super Seniors