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Students Honored at Second Annual Cougars Choice Awards


Weston Ranch High School hosted its 2nd Annual Cougars Choice awards dinner on April 13 in the gymnasium. There was excitement in the air for the 58 students in attendance as they anticipated participating in the upcoming festivities.

Weston Ranch teachers and staff nominated one student each who best represented the characteristics of the Cougars Rising program for the past eight months. Students who reflected the vision of Weston Ranch High School and showed the heart of who they are and what they value earned the honor of the invitation by teachers. The Code of Honor is at the core of the Cougars Rising program, and each invite was definitely the heart and soul of the second-year program.

“Our main goal was to make the evening memorable for those honored students,” said event planner Sylvia Berchtold. “This evening is something we don’t always get to experience as teachers, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share this with our students.”

In a touching tribute, the guests of honor were treated to a celebration of thanks and were shown how much they are appreciated for their outstanding work as students and young people. In addition, Layla Johnson recited an amazing poem about Weston Ranch being a home, more than just a school. Later, Ms. Burrows spoke about how much our students mean to us. Finally, the jazz band performed, and the musical theater performed a preview of Little Shop of Horrors.

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“The evening is a highlight for students and the teachers that select them,” Ms. Nicole Burrows said. “When I decided to be a teacher, one of the reasons was to inspire the youth. After being in education for 28 years, I have learned that the students inspire me. This evening allowed the teachers and staff of WRHS to thank our students for giving us a purpose and a reason to not only come to work every day but to continue to stay in the profession.”

The whole night felt like a Hollywood-type affair. Students were the stars, and they knew it. In addition to the celebrating and honoring, students and their nominating teachers were treated to photo opportunities, a PowerPoint slide show where those in attendance could read why each teacher selected their students, and a wonderful dinner.

“Sylvia Berchtold ROCKED it and did an incredible job with decorations and the details of the evening,” Burrows added. “Calibama Catering was the BEST food I have had. The evening was perfect, the audience was ideal, and the ambiance was excellent. WRHS knows how to celebrate its finest.”

So, as students packed the gymnasium and sat shoulder to shoulder, Weston Ranch paid tribute to some of its finest students in grand style. And as the evening concluded, Principal Troy Fast reminded those in attendance to continue to be the change and encouraged all to continue walking positive paths.

“Our second annual Cougars Choice Awards Night was a tremendous success, again,” Fast said. “Sylvia and the TEAM of staff members who worked to make this a wonderful evening should be proud of their efforts to help celebrate our students. The kids were glowing with pride as their teachers recognized them individually.”

It’s bittersweet as the school year winds down and teachers say goodbye to the students. However, the students at WRHS are such a fantastic group of individuals, and Weston Ranch High School showed the students they are supported, valued, and respected. It was a powerful night and message from the school to the students.

Photos courtesy of Ms. Riley, Ms. Carmona, Mr. Cerezo, and Ms. Low

Haven Thierry, Ms. Low, and Ms. Burrows
Students and teachers getting ready for the awards.
Ms. Sylvia Berchtold provides the welcome to all in attendance.
Ms. Carmona and Senior Kimani Wilburn
Rachel Balisacan and Mr. Cerezo
Students Ryan Hunter (center) and William Garcia (far right) receive their recognition.
Ms. Riley and Sohail Begg
Haven Trinity Urbina Thierry’s Cougars Choice awards.

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Students Honored at Second Annual Cougars Choice Awards