Academic Spotlight: CSF

The Prowl is proud to spotlight Weston Ranch High School’s CSF organization this week.

The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to recognize and encourage academic achievement and community service among California middle and high school students. There are approximately 1500 chapters in middle and high schools throughout the state, and each chapter comprises student members who meet eligibility requirements. In addition, each chapter is led by a staff adviser. 

Eligible students become members by submitting applications based on their report card grades. Membership is for one semester, and membership drives are held each semester within established periods dictated by the State bylaws. In addition, conferences are held annually, and student awards recognizing academic achievement and community service are presented. 

Weston Ranch’s CSF adviser is Ms. Baptista, and she shared her thoughts about her club and its students.

The Prowl: What is CSF?  

Ms. Baptista: CSF is a California Scholarship Federation. It’s an academic society. 

The Prowl: What is your role in CSF? 

Mrs. Baptista: I am the CSF adviser along with Mr. Allred. 

The Prowl: What does CSF do for the community? 

Ms. Baptista: CSF offers community service opportunities like tutoring, and they did a parade in the past. 

The Prowl: What benefits do you get from CSF? 

Ms. Baptista: As a CSF member, students can apply for honor societies and colleges. And they can also graduate first and sit in the first row of graduation. And you also get that on your transfer that you are a CSF member. 

The Prowl: When are the CSF meetings?  

Ms. Baptista: The meetings are held on every Thursday in room 104. If you have any questions, you can drop by my room to get information and club details. 

The Prowl: Are there any requirements for joining CSF? 

Ms. Baptista: Yes, there are requirements to join CSF. It would help if you had an A or B in your academic classes to join CSF. 

The Prowl: What are the deadlines for joining CSF? 

Ms. Baptista: This term, the deadline for joining CSF is February 24. 

The Prowl: What community opportunities are there to gain hours for CSF? 

Mrs. Baptista: CSF accepts any community service hours. For example, you can work as a CSF tutor on campus, or if you belong to HOSA, you can use your HOSA hours. Any community service hours are accepted. 

The Prowl: How can you join CSF? 

Ms. Baptista: If you want to join CSF, you must send me a copy of your transcript so I can review and verify that you are eligible to apply and possibly join CSF.  

For more information, please see Ms. Baptista in room 104 or speak to CSF members.