Black Student Union Playing Important Role and Building Legacy

The Weston Ranch High School BSU Club is impacting the campus. BSU (Black Student Union) has been a part of Weston Ranch since the school was founded in 2005; however, until recently, the club has not been active or as visible as it is now. Thanks to new leadership from students and advisers, WRHS’s BSU is making strides in teaching and celebrating African Americans.

BSU is a club centered around African American culture and prioritizes all things happening on the campus and in the world revolving around African Americans. The Black student union has played an essential role in the college experience for Black students since the 1960s and is now playing a prominent role all across high school campuses. Student involvement is important and rewarding, and the resurgence of WRHS BSU is a welcome addition to the campus community.

Mr. Davis became the advisor of BSU at the beginning of 2022. With his guidance, BSU finally returned to being active in the campus club scene after being inactive for several years.

“I have plans on learning more about the history of African Americans and talking about it with my students,” Davis said. “I would love to have more discussions on what’s happening in the real world, such as senseless beatings and other unfortunate things that happen to African Americans, and perhaps even a book club to read more about their real history.”

The members of BSU are African Americans, but they all have different backgrounds, which enhances the club’s diversity. And while the members come from other places and have various backgrounds, they all share a common ground: to unify African American people on campuses by offering a diverse array of cultural, informational, social, and academic events targeted to Black students. For this reason, the club is unique because of its many differences, but they come together and share similar experiences.

Senior Kimani Wilburn has been part of BSU since her junior year and says that this is the year the club has come alive. According to Kimani, she believes that BSU has made an impact on the student community.

“I joined BSU to get more involved on campus other than sports,” club member Kimani Wilburn said. “Getting the word out on BSU increases the club’s exposure and gets more people to join. The club has made an impact on the school, and people enjoy it (the club) more, especially for the college tours they can go on, which helps them get a head start on college, especially for those not seniors yet.”

The BSU club has increased the pride of the students. About 40 students are part of BSU, and Mr. Davis believes the club has the potential to grow exponentially. This month, according to Mr. Davis, BSU will participate in upcoming events for black history month.

“BSU will be in conjunction with Mr. Brown with the band; the kids will be doing a concert focusing on African American composers,” Davis said. “The kids will give some history about some of the composers.”

BSU and Mr. Davis will support historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and have the members of BSU wear t-shirts of these colleges, emphasizing the accomplishments and great pride for the education of African Americans.

“I believe that BSU has made a great impact at Weston Ranch because it brought more black students together,” sophomore Leona Siaplay said. “It feels good to be part of BSU and have a community I can lean on; I want our black culture to get more exposure and experience.”

BSU has greatly impacted the students, and it will continue to flourish as the years go by. Mr. Davis, as the head advisor, believes that the club will grow and provide Weston Ranch High with a beautiful legacy.