Student Profile: Jose Aguilar


Jose Aguilar

Jose Aguilar is a student-athlete that goes to Weston Ranch Highschool. Aguilar has attended Weston Ranch for three years and will graduate with the class of 2024 next year. Jose has played baseball for the past three years for the Cougars and football for one year.

Once his junior year approached, Jose decided to play football and became the Team’s starting quarterback. It was a good decision as Aguilar helped lead Weston Ranch to one of its best finishes at 6-4. Throughout the ten games, Jose threw for 1316 yards with 16 TDs and rushed for 176 yards with five TDs. These stats helped earn Aguilar 1st Team All-SJAA honors.

As a baseball player, Aguilar has shown tremendous improvement over the past two years. Baseball coach David Hager is looking for Jose to continue his development and hopes Aguilar makes a significant impact this year for the Cougars.

“Jose has an excellent chance to build upon his sophomore season, which started slowly but ended strong,” Hager said. “He has good baseball instincts and works hard to get better.”

Jose has always been a big fan of the Seattle Seahawks. His favorite quarterback is Russell Wilson. But Jose has always been upset since they lost the Super Bowl to the New England Patriots.

Jose said, “Pete Carroll should be very sorry since he called that play while having Marshawn Lynch in the backfield on the goal line.”

Jose’s favorite thing to eat is Pizza. He says, “Pizza brings me joy I can’t explain. That crust and the dough and cheese put together is lovely.”

Overall, Jose is an enjoyable person to be around. His joyful, happy, unique, and respectful character traits shine to everybody he meets. Jose will be friends with anybody and everybody. In addition, Jose is a great student as he is very friendly and respectful to others no matter what.