Weston Ranch Wows George Kumore 8th Graders

Weston Ranch Highs School had a blast showing the George Kumore 8th graders musically what the Cougars were capable of. The Cougars impressed the 8th graders, who are soon to be freshmen, with their drumlines, color guard, and orchestra. Only a few schools can start up or even maintain drumlines, color guards, and orchestras, so the Cougars showed their determination and dedication to the Kumore students and, hopefully, encouraged more students to join the music classes next year.

One of the orchestra players, Manuel Camacho, had this to say about the visit and performance, “The Performing Arts program at Weston Ranch has given me a lot of memories these past years, so I felt really honored and privileged to give back and help with the visit. I also got to run the orchestra booth with many of my close classmates, making it more fun for us.”

Overall, the Cougars dedication, commitment, and performance will surely get many new first-year students interested in the music program next year to keep Weston Ranch filled with talent for years to come.