Class Spotlight: JROTC

JROTC is a class based on the military basics. It’s a teaching class to help you improve your mind and strengthen your body. Students are known as “cadets,” and while this class may not be for everyone, those who have given it a chance have enjoyed it. JROTC could be great for your future, depending on what you want to do. Students say that JROTC offers stages of various degrees of difficulty, ranging from simple to complex, as your experience grows.

There are many activities the cadets enjoy about JROTC. JROTC is excellent for bonding with other students. You will be pushed to your limits in this class, so there isn’t any slacking. There is plenty of leadership opportunities, so those cadets interested in improving their leadership skills can gain experience.

Students in JROTC get to compete against other schools’ JROTC programs at drill comps. It’s a fun experience because you compete with schools around your area, similar to athletics competitions, showing off which school can do drills correctly and showing off their school spirit.

Overall, what we see from these cadets is that they work hard and come to school early to practice for these competitions. Although they get stressed out, they still put in the most effort they can to reach perfection and have fun.