PLUS Forums Find Ways to Support Students

PLUS is a youth-facilitated program that applies social leadership to help understand and connect with students on campus. The Peer PLUS leaders are trained to deliver class lessons on linking to other students by selecting them on campus to bring to a forum held once a month. In addition, PLUS (Peer Leaders Uniting Students) also conducts forums in the campus library. The purpose of PLUS is to help students understand they are not alone.

You may wonder how the forums work, so PLUS forums are conducted and led by students who work with 40-50 randomly picked students. The invited students and the leaders participate in activities that allow them to get to know each other as well as work in small groups to discuss problems and issues that may occur on campus and how they can solve them.

The PLUS group was formed at the beginning of the school year of Aug. 2016. PLUS is a class that Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors can sign up to be in and participate in activities for the school and community. These activities help support the school, whether it is getting the community together or fundraising.

In December 2022, the PLUS team worked on the Giving Tree project. Students were handed out a card by their second-period teacher, then wrote down a present they wished to be granted. Staff members went out to grant those wishes making students feel part of the Christmas holidays. Another project was during Halloween when PLUS sold candy grams, where students bought candy for other students. The candy grams were delivered throughout the day, allowing students to feel good about their day.

In February, PLUS will participate in a “Video Competition” and make a presentation in a statewide competition to improve mental health awareness.

“PLUS is such a great program run by amazing kids who care about other students,” said adviser Deborah Chavez.

PLUS and Peer Resource are tremendous resources for our students here at Weston Ranch. If you want to get involved, please see Mrs. Chavez.