Cougars Esports (League of Legends) heading back to Summoner’s Rift

After a few weeks off due to brackets running slow, the Weston Ranch League of Legends team will be heading back to Summoner’s Rift to take on Cathedral High School.

After winning the previous three rounds and the quarterfinals, Weston Ranch fell to Sunny Hills High School Gold in the last match, putting them into the loser’s bracket. However, Weston Ranch has had the previously mentioned break to prep up skills and communication for their next game, which we now know to be Cathedral High School of Los Angeles.

Cathedral is coming off a huge winning streak. They lost in the first round to Falcon Team C, before going on a loser’s bracket run, winning their last five matches. With this momentum, they take on the Cougars in the Top 12.

The Cougars have done it before; they can do it again. When Weston Ranch was still in the winner’s side of the bracket, they went up against Clovis West High School – who had two of their members at Gold 3 rank, which is considered a great rank – and was able to come up with a win. While the CWHS team was built around those players, they also had lower-ranked players than what Cathedral will have. Cathedral will be running with one Gold 4 player and a few mid-to-high silver players around them. While the Cougars’ solo queue ranks are lower, they have good communication and the potential to make noise past the top 12.

Captain Ryan Hunter states, “We will not give this away. We are doing better than projected in the first place. So let’s make this gap even larger.”

Today’s match is a win-or-go-home set for both of these teams. The loser will prepare for the upcoming spring season, and the winner will prepare to take on Fountain Valley High School in the top 7 match-ups next week.

The estimated start time for Cougars Esports Black vs. Cathedral HS Esports will be at 4 pm later today, November 22nd, live on