Morning Tardy Sweeps Need Another Look

Do morning tardy sweeps really help students arrive at school on time? There are two views, and while both are valid, both have issues that need to be addressed.

Tardy sweeps are not the best way to get students to school on time. While it is a good thing to teach students responsibilities, it creates confusion about the overall message. Yes, students need to learn time management skills which will be helpful for future employment requirements and appointments. However, the school must tweak the process to help students arrive on time. For example, long lines at the entrance gates cause more tardy issues, not students arriving after the bell.

“I think the gate checks aren’t good for us students because it’s just making us late to class, and then take more time by giving us detention after school,” said Aaron L.

Some students said they were late because of traffic and because the school entrance was always crowded.

Students feel the tardy sweeps don’t increase their chances of arriving on time. Students think that if the school had a system that rewards the students for getting on time, it would get them to be in school on time every day.