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PLUS Team Launches Start with Hello and Hopes to Help

Have you seen the “Start with Hello” posters around campus? 

The WRHS PLUS team is hosting its “Start with Hello” program starting today and running through Thursday. Students can get involved with the program by wearing name tags, attending lunchtime activities, and becoming familiar with the mission’s goal.

“The PLUS team strives to include everyone at our school and have them realize they are not alone,” said PLUS Adviser Deborah Chavez. “If everyone would “start with hello” when they see a student by themselves, they’d be amazed at the conversations and connections they can make with people they never knew. All it takes is a “hello.”

Start with Hello is part of the Sandy Hook Promise. On its website, “,” states: As someone who cares deeply about children, you may know social isolation is a real epidemic. It can cause kids to pull away and, in severe situations, even hurt themselves or others. Start With Hello is one of Sandy Hook Promise’s no-cost Know the Signs programs and teaches students to be more socially inclusive and connected to each other. With activities and curricula available for all ages, students are empowered to end social isolation in three easy steps.

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The Sandy Hook Promise is a nonprofit organization that plans to reach out to America. Some of the organization’s founders are family members whose loved ones were killed in the tragedy that happened on December 14, 2012, at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. The Sandy Hook Promise is an organization designed to protect America’s children from gun violence in honor of the precious lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

“We will have lunchtime activities on the stage throughout the week hosted by your PLUS team leaders,” Chavez added. “Hopefully, everyone received a name tag to wear around. We want all students to try to meet a new person each day. So, for today’s lunchtime activity, we hosted a photo booth, and we had a positivity poster for you to “sign.”

Scheduled activities for the week’s remaining days are:

Tuesday-PLUS will have compliment cards you can take and give to other students or staff members. Everyone is encouraged to wear green to symbolize that you are a supporter of meeting new people and saying hello.

Wednesday-Join PLUS for bingo. We invite you to find the Hello sign and pose as the H in hello. If you do, please send your pictures to Mrs. Chavez.

Thursday-To wrap our Start with Hello week, join us as PLUS invites all to join them for a lunchtime activity on the stage; leave your handprint to create a tree that symbolizes the “I Promise” call to action. By participating, you promise not to let other students feel isolated, excluded, or rejected. We will also have notes of gratitude available for you to fill out for other students or staff members. Today take a picture with one of your favorite trusted adults on campus and send it to Mrs. Chavez.

The “Start with Hello” program is offered to support the message and encourage all students to greet others with kind and respectful words. This simple act is all you may need for you and your peers to break many people’s social isolation. With all that being said, you have the power to make a change in someone’s life, whether on campus or not. So make the best choices and be the best you, “Start with Hello.” 

All week long, listen to the morning announcements for daily information and to hear essential statistics about the program.

For more information, please visit:

Start With Hello — Sandy Hook Promise

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PLUS Team Launches Start with Hello and Hopes to Help