This week’s feature story is on the Weston Ranch High School band.

Last Tuesday, the San Joaquin County Office of Education (SJCOE) visited the campus to observe the WRHS band for Arts Education month. The SJCOE watched our band because, for Arts Education month, they try to highlight different programs in San Joaquin county.

Our school’s program is much more distinctive than other schools in our district. For starters, we have the only orchestra in MUSD, and our band and orchestra split into different small groups, such as Jazz Combo, Mariachi, String Chamber Ensemble, Sax Quartet, two drumlines, and a rock band. This musical diversity gives students much more leeway and room to explore their interests musically than in other schools in our district. This also provides students with a lot more variety in the music played at our school, whether it’s something such as Mariachi during an extended lunch period for Mexican Independence Day or Jazz Combo performing during the back-to-school night in August.

Arts Education Month is a month-long spotlight done yearly to raise awareness about the value of the creative arts, such as helping students develop emotional intelligence, discipline, creativity, and coordination. But it is also meant to help empower art programs and to help encourage more significant investments in school creative art programs.

Currently, the WRHS band is led by the brand-new band teacher Robert Brown. Although it is his first year teaching at WRHS, he’s already becoming a favorite among band and orchestra students. He has also perfectly reciprocated the energy of our spirit-filled band students with the implementation of a new band tradition, with drumlines playing in the halls on the day of home games. As a result, he and the band’s presence is very well-known amongst students and staff, whether with the band’s bold performances at the football games or spirited tunes being played at pep rallies.

Regardless it’s safe to say that both the band and Mr. Brown are excited to see what the 2022-2023 school year has to offer. Anyone interested in joining any of the band’s small groups should contact Mr. Brown during lunch or through Teams.