This week’s Club Spotlight is on the photography club run by Mr. Windschitl.

The photography club was started by two students, Amanda Ek and Arjie Saptang. Both have contributed as much as they could to the club by recruiting members, posting flyers, showing off their club in Club Rush, helping and teaching others, and making enough effort to develop their club into what it is today.

Saptang has been interested in photography for three years and has contributed to the Cougars Art Magazine by being the editor. The magazine was designed to highlight the photography, art, and design at WRHS.

Amanda Ek has been interested in photography since she was young and has fallen in love with photography. So Amanda was delighted to learn that Weston Ranch High School had a class in photography. She is very eager to see how inventive other individuals can be with their creativity and believes it is something we should all be looking for at the end of each month.

“The abundance of opportunities at this school has encouraged me to keep going and develop personally,” Amanda stated.

Mr. Windshitl has been teaching for nine years. He started as a special education teacher in Tracy Unified, where he taught Reading, Science, Resource English, and Art to severely handicapped students. Mr. Windshitl has taught at Western Ranch High School for about six years. When he began at WRHS, he taught special education, math, and science. He is a certified CTE (Career Technical Education), which qualified him for the position of teaching photography.

Windschitl helped set up a platform that would reach the public, including the concepts they wanted to better represent through their work in Cougar’s Arts Magazine. The Cougars Arts Magazine was set up by Saptang, Joseph Espinosa, and Enrique Ornelas.

The Cougars Arts Magazine includes work from the Camera Crew, individual students involved in the photography club, and Mr. Windschitl’s digital photography class.