Weston Ranch Celebrates September Students of the Month


September Students of the Month

Weston Ranch High School selected its Students of the Month for September. The student of the month is a valuable part of the Cougars Rising program. Students are rewarded for displaying the current Word of the Month qualities. Teachers in English, Science, AP, Life Skills, Math, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Social Science(History), VAPA(Theatre), Agriculture, and the English Language Development Departments nominate those students who represent the current Word of the Month. September’s Word of the Month is COMMUNITY, and The Prowl congratulates the following students who received recognition.

Here are the winners for September.

Christian Vojkufka

Christian is a role model student. He comes to school every day with a smile and greets all of the staff with a smile. He is always the first to raise his hand when I ask a question and always the first to offer his help to his peers. I know he will be very successful because of his hard work ethic and readiness to go the extra mile.

Jaime Ayala Arroyo

Jaime is an amazing person. He represents the word and definition of Community. We had a new student arrive here, who does not speak English. Jaime has moved to sit next to him, translates all assignments, and works with him often to complete projects and tasks. Jaime is selfless, caring, and a genuine representative of what a Cougar Student should be. Great Job, Jaime.

Abigail Torres

Abigail Torres has been a true model of what Community means to my leadership classroom. From the very first day that our new freshman leadership students arrived in our class, Abby took over, helping them with everything from class paperwork to how to take notes for formal meetings. She has been someone that they can turn to for whatever questions they may have. Abby continues to be a valuable resource for our leadership community and stands out as a role model for our new leaders. Thank you, Abby, for all your hard work and drive to make our leadership community stronger.

Luz Buenrostro

Luz exemplifies success in her positive attitude, productive use of class time, and respect for others. When Luz finishes an assignment, there is no waste of time – she will do work on assignments from other classes.

Melissa Bustamante

Melissa is a very proactive student. When a student who did not speak English arrived in my class, she volunteered to help me translate. I hear her translate my directions and help her with her OneNote. She is also a team player and is willing to help her other classmates too. She makes a positive impact on my class.