Weston Ranch Celebrates September Students of the Month


September Students of the Month

Weston Ranch High School selected its Students of the Month for September. The student of the month is a valuable part of the Cougars Rising program. Students are rewarded for displaying the current Word of the Month qualities. Teachers in English, Science, AP, Life Skills, Math, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Social Science(History), VAPA(Theatre), Agriculture, and the English Language Development Departments nominate those students who represent the current Word of the Month. September’s Word of the Month is COMMUNITY, and The Prowl congratulates the following students who received recognition.

Here are the winners for September.

Raina has been an exceptional student representing the agriculture department through her leadership and outstanding floral arrangements. She also serves as a TA and promotes student safety in the classroom and shop areas. (picture unavailable)

Sunyodh Sandhu

Suny is a well-rounded student who is always willing to participate and assist his classmates. He brings a sunny disposition into class each day that rubs off on everyone around him.

Olugbenga Laseinde

As a journalism team member, Olugbenga consistently displays all the characteristics of the focus word Community. He is aware and engaged. He participates by asking questions and sharing insights. Olugbenga shares the common vision of Journalism and works hard to make sure we band together and get things done. Above all, he works hard to make his voice heard, and his actions have a tremendous impact on our class and his teacher. Not only do I see his outstanding efforts in my class, but I also see them in his other courses. Although I’ve only known Olugbenga for five short weeks, I have been so impressed with his determination to be the best he can be at all times.

Alana Seddiqi

Alana is athletic, quiet, respectful, and well-liked by her peers and staff. She is a model student, and we appreciate her hard work ethic.

William Garcia

William started as an ELD peer tutor this year. And he has taken it upon himself to ensure our new students, with little to no English, are getting support throughout the day and feeling welcomed. In addition, he is helping to build a community for our new students.