This week’s Class Spotlight goes to Peer Resources. Peer Resources is a great campus resource for new students. Ms. Chavez is the Peer Resources Adviser.

The most interesting thing about Peer Resources is to you get to be a leader. You get to engage with other students and mentor fellow students who need a helping hand. Peer resource is a safe place for everyone and focuses on helping create an environment that keeps classmates on the right path.

Its purpose is to make sure students understand they are not alone. Peer resource holds student-led forums that work with a group of about 50 random students. The students are invited, and the leaders participate in activities that allow them to get to know each other. They work together and have group discussions about the campus and how they feel about it.

Peer leaders look at students’ issues and help come up with solutions to help them. In Peer Resources, members meet with struggling students in their classes once or twice weekly. Peer leaders are committed to their students.

Mrs. Chavez is kind to her students and ensures everyone feels included. If you are interested in Peer Resources, see Mrs. Chavez in room 707.