This week’s club’s focus is on The Cheer Club. The Cheer club consists of current Weston Ranch High students.

The club president is Marilyn Richard, a Senior at WRHS. She has been cheering for a long time and is familiar with the sport. Marilyn loves to be a part of the Lady Cougars.

Beside her is Sophomore and Co-captain Milia Rideout. Milia has also been cheering for a long time and knows all the jumps off the top of her head.

They said, “Our favorite thing about cheering is to be around the other girls and cheering at the football games.”

The Cheer team brings incredible energy to the games and gets the crowd hype. On game day, the cheerleaders wear their uniforms to school for the game later that day. Weston Ranch has a very diverse cheer team with a great environment.

Marilyn and Milia would be glad to answer questions if you consider joining cheer or want to learn more about our cheerleaders. In the meantime, students are welcome to join the cheerleaders in the stands at the football games and other events the cheerleaders will attend.