CLUB SPOTLIGHT: Science Olympiad

Weston Ranch High school has a Science Olympiad club led by club president Sania Saini and club advisor Mr. Heygi. It is a team-based club that focuses on STEM-based subjects. They meet every Wednesday during lunch in room 205.

“It is a team-based club, in which we focus on STEM-based subjects, like engineering, physics, and more,” said Tajvir Singh, club vice president. “We participate in competitions, starting at regional and going up to national level, where you can prove your skills.”

Students and Mr. Heygi created the club because the founders felt that there weren’t enough STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related opportunities on campus and wanted students to be able to express their interests in Stem.

President Saini said, “I saw that WRHS did not offer a whole lot of STEM-related opportunities on campus, just robotics really; as someone that wants to major in the STEM field, I felt that this was a need on our campus, especially since there are so many medical related opportunities here. So I decided to start up Science Olympiad in the hopes of offering students interested in STEM more ways of displaying their interests.”

The club will participate in school events such as multicultural night, practice for the new year of competitions, and go on field trips like the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. In addition, they will hold mock competitions, practice questions, and conduct experiments on which subject they take part.

When asking the club treasurer Melvin Boateng why he decided to be a Science Olympiad officer, he stated, “I wanted to be able to help everyone express their interests in certain fields and utilize the skills I’ve learned in math throughout my years in high school.”

Club officers look forward to helping its members and succeeding in future competitions.

If you are interested in joining, you can see Mr. Heygi in room 205 or go to the club’s Instagram page @wrhsscienceolympiad.