Closed Bathrooms Create Conflicting Views

It is a problem for the students of WRHS to use the bathroom during the day. When students want to use the bathroom, there are times when a limited number of restrooms are accessible to the students.

Restrooms have been shut down or closed due to the students smoking or being vandalized. The closures cause problems for the students because they fill up the only remaining bathroom. They fill it so much that the campus monitors have to sit in the corner and watch to ensure the students are not causing problems. In addition, the closures have led to overcrowding and people being uncomfortable entering the bathroom.

The same issue is also true for the locker rooms. There is only one available, and the students have to get in a line to be able to use it. In addition, it is swimming season for the P.E. classes, and students do not get enough time to change their clothes or dry their hair.

The long lines and safety precautions put in place for us to use the bathrooms available won’t be helpful for long, and we need a different solution to these problems. Portapotties could be a solution, but adding these would cause other issues (sanitation, odor, aesthetics for our campus), or open more bathrooms, something viable for the students to use, something that won’t cause overcrowding or potentially initiate fights in an enclosed space between the students.